Financial Management Specialist at Ministry Of Environment (MOE) Deadline 4 April, 2024 –


Financial Management Specialist at Ministry Of Environment (MOE) Deadline 4 April, 2024

Financial Management Specialist at Ministry Of Environment (MOE) Deadline 4 April, 2024



Job responsibilities

• Participate in the development of key priorities and Action Plan of the project; • Ensure that annual project budgets are consistent with agreed project activity per Categories/Components • Participate in the budgeting process in line with the GoR and World bank guidelines. Monitoring budget execution in collaboration with Project staff • Preparation of annual budget of Project and Participate in budget revision process • Forecasting cash flow needs, and alerting upper management for cash flow deficiencies. • Monitoring and guiding the work of the Implementing Partners in supporting their respective PFM staff to ensure compliance with all PFM rules and regulations of the GoR and the GCF. • Ensure adequate Project internal controls are maintained for processing and authorizing payments and the management and accounting for project income and assets, and advising the MoE and Implementing Partners where necessary; • Responsible for compliance with GoR and GCF requirements for Internal/External Project Audits and ensuring all necessary information is provided for Audit purposes. Ensure all Project audit recommendations are implemented on time; • Facilitate process of internal and external audit • Manage an effective financial management system for the project and ensure that accounting and book keeping records are prepared and maintained in accordance with GoR regulations; • Coordinate and ensure timely execution of annual external audits of the Project and submission of audit reports to the funders; • Ensure Procedural compliance with Funders’ financial reporting and audit requirements and guidelines; • Ensure effective and efficient flow of funds under the Project, including timely requisitioning and justification of funds. • Prepare interim and annual financial and other reports as required by the program legal agreements or as may be requested by Management; • Produce Periodic financial statements; • Approve bank accounts reconciliation statements; • Analyze financial statements for consistency; • Follow-up the approval of the project financial statements as per donor’s requirements; • Review all project transactions properly in IFMIS and submit the monthly project consolidated report within the stipulated deadline; • Review project payment documents for further processing • Ensure timely preparation and submission of required reports under the provisions of the Financing Agreement, as well as by the GoR.

Minimum qualifications

Master’s Degree in Accounting

7 Years of relevant experience

Master’s Degree in Finance

7 Years of relevant experience

Required competencies and key technical skills

Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.



Time management skills

Multi-tasking skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities and keep up with project scope changes;

Knowledge of accounting, financial reporting and auditing standards (Such as IPSAS, IFRS; ISSAs)

Knowledge and understanding of Public Service Sector Ethics and Values

Government Finance Statistics (GFS); Internal Audit framework and International Standards for Supreme Audit Institutions (ISAAIs)

Proficiency in Financial Management systems and in-depth knowledge of the Rwanda’s public finance management





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