Community Development and Engagement Specialist at Ministry Of Environment (MOE) Deadline 4 April, 2024 –


Community Development and Engagement Specialist at Ministry Of Environment (MOE) Deadline 4 April, 2024

Community Development and Engagement Specialist at Ministry Of Environment (MOE) Deadline 4 April, 2024

Job responsibilities

• Review all guidelines, studies related to Livelihood development and diversification • Lead consultation meeting with stakeholders of the project during the implementation • Provide a mechanism/guideline which will ensure inclusion of social and gender aspects in the project preparation • Help revise/update the project guidelines particularly in the areas of community preparation and implementation of natural resource management subprojects to be in line with the national community development strategy if any and to take on board lessons from implementation as shall be determined by the management; • Help beneficiaries in developing Annual Work Plans and Budgets (AWP&B) for sub-projects; • Contribute to the process for refining key indicators for the Community Driven Development (CDD) sub-components, recording and reporting physical progress against the (AWP&B); • Contribute to the process of refining of the M&E frameworks especially in areas of participatory monitoring and evaluation and lesson learned; • With stakeholders advise on the framework procedures and tools for participatory monitoring and evaluation of CDD projects activities; • Develop a plan for project related capacity building on community development related support that may be required by the relevant stakeholders; • Provide guidance to communities on Sub-projects identification and ensure that the selection of subprojects is done in accordance with the guidelines and procedures specified in the Project Implementation Manual (PIM) and that the Project reflect communities’ own priorities; • Ensure and supervise the implementation of the ESF instruments including the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), and the Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF), RAP, LMP, GAP, ESIA and others • Provide a mechanism/guideline which will ensure inclusion of social aspects in sub-project formation at beneficiary • Involve stakeholders from the definition of the problem through to the generation of adequate solutions, in landscape and water resources management and restoration towards activities ownership and sustainability • Prepare and disseminate case studies and guidelines and manuals on best practice and community‐ based restoration experiences. • Enable the community to participate in the planning, implementation and monitoring-evaluation and learning for landscape restoration by taking into account local knowledge and experience with land restoration and flood management for more building of capacities and organization of farmers for implementation and maintenance on Land and water resources management practices for improved agricultural production and food security toward ENR sustainable management • Develop annual work plans and budget for Community mobilization • Develop and plan capacity building on community development related support targeting local leaders, NGO’s, CBOs and communities. • Empower the community in resilient livelihoods; • Organize the communities in cooperatives, train them and organize study tours for cooperative members • Prepare regular reports on community development result framework based on donors and the Ministry of Environment standards. • Work in close collaboration with District authorities and Joint Development Action Forum (JDAFs) • Conduct training for local authorities and NGOS staff in key relevant areas like participatory methodologies sub-project planning, monitoring and evaluation etc.; • Monitor the nature and level of participation of communities in the entire subproject cycle; • Prepare and participate in World Bank Supervision missions and other external supervision and evaluation missions-by screening and analyzing reports as well as by furnishing direct personnel knowledge on the ground situation; • Undertake regular visits to the field to support implementation of CDD activities and to identify where adoptions might be needed; • Provide appropriate and timely information for sub-project preparation and implementation; • In collaboration with Project FMS, M&E Specialist, ESS and Gender specialists with management information that she/he may require regarding community subprojects • Make regular reports to the National Steering Committee through the National Project Manager, highlighting areas of concern and preparing relevant documentation for review at meeting; • In collaboration with Field Environmentalist ensure that participating communities acquire appropriate skills and know-how to effectively participate in the project implementation process; • Provide technical assistance to communities for preparation of viable sub-projects • Perform any other activities directly related to the projects objectives that will be assigned by the supervisors.

Minimum qualifications

Master’s in Rural Development

5 Years of relevant experience

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

5 Years of relevant experience

Degree in Agri- business

5 Years of relevant experience

Master’s Degree in Social Sciences

5 Years of relevant experience

Masterr’s Degree in Agricultural Economics

5 Years of relevant experience

Master’s Degree in environmental economics

5 Years of relevant experience

Required competencies and key technical skills


Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.



Results oriented

Digital literacy skills

Fluency in Kinyaranda English and or French knowledge of Swahili is an added advantage

Research and critical thinking skills

Experience with donor funded projects and prior implementation of donor’s safeguards policies, including on World Bank/ADB/AIIB financed operations, is an advantage.

Extensive working experience with ENR key donors such GCF,AF,UNDP,SIDA and others


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