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Stormtroopers, robots and Nazis. When you’re making a online game, these are the three enemies you may let your gamers fully take aside with out them feeling unhealthy about it. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the confusingly coloned sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is three for 3 – that Stormtrooper I simply minimize in half was positively a fascist.

It’s not simply the white-helmeted bellends and flimsy-looking battledroids on supply right here. Jedi: Survivor has the good thing about providing up a surprising Star Wars world, chic fight and a AAA motion journey that’s polished, enjoyable and packed stuffed with stuff to do.

Survivor, very similar to its predecessor, takes a variety of its construction from the FromSoft soulslike video games, whereas softening some edges and making them extra accessible. You’ll spend a variety of your time transferring from Meditation Level to Meditation Level, which perform precisely the identical as Bonfires from Darkish Souls.

Past spending ability factors and altering your lightsaber fashion, you additionally find yourself right here after dying — however your expertise factors don’t make the journey again, and also you’ll should retrieve it out of your homicide scene or land successful towards your killer to get it again.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Credit: EA.
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Credit score: EA.

Chuck in a restricted quantity of therapeutic stims, which replenish at Meditation Factors, and to date, so soulslike. Nonetheless, regardless of the structural similarities, the moment-to-moment play in Survivor really feels rather more like one thing out of a pinball machine, as Kestis leaps from place to position twirling his lightsaber.

There are 5 completely different combating kinds within the sport – dubbed stances – though you may solely have two geared up on the identical time. You begin with three “basic” kinds. The one saber, a double-bladed lightsaber after which two separate sabers. They’re all good at various things, however for a lot of the humanoid enemies that you simply’ll face, in the event you get previous the enemy’s block, you’ll take them out in a few hits irrespective of which stance you’re doing it with.

Cal Kestis from Star Wars Jedi with his droid BD-1.
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. CREDIT: Respawn Leisure

The latter two really feel extra like fan service than critical choices, handed to you at a couple of third of the best way into the sport. There’s a model that pairs a blaster with a lightsaber, eliminating the lightsaber drive assaults in favour of a blaster that recharges as you whack folks. Then there’s the crossguard stance, which features like Kylo Ren’s saber in the latest trilogy and boasts excessive injury and defence whereas concurrently being too gradual to actually be efficient for both.

Nonetheless, regardless of the slight disappointments for the late additions to the combating stances, it’s exhausting to really feel too aggrieved. Pairing the only saber with a dual-bladed try, it felt like there have been virtually too many choices in fight and I used to be by no means bored taking aside the sport’s quite a few enemies.

The identical is true of the motion, which is generally clambering round, sliding by small gaps on the planet and attempting to resolve puzzles that oscillate between easy and brain-meltingly complicated, though a system is in place that may allow you to faucet a d-pad button to simply accept or refuse a touch when Survivor has determined you could be a bit bit caught.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Credit: EA.
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Credit score: EA.

The signposting may very well be higher for some puzzles, and I used to be caught a number of occasions within the sport for a great chunk of time as a result of I hadn’t observed a climbable wall amongst the gorgeous surroundings that stretches out in each course and in a single case hadn’t observed the completely different between some climbable vines hanging from the ceiling and the adjoining vines hanging from the ceiling for purely aesthetic causes.

Nonetheless, it’s exhausting to be too grumpy. The moment-to-moment play in Survivor is a pleasure as you’re ambling round, and some of the set items are magical, feeling genuinely next-gen. One boss struggle that has Kestis squaring off towards an enormous Imperial machine is a mind-bending occasion that feels next-gen by way of each the design of the factor but additionally how unbelievable the tech underpinning it have to be, as you teleport quickly across the enviornment with barely any slowdown and even much less time to breath and assess the scenario you’re in.

The very best a part of the sport has Kestis infiltrating a downed Lucrehulk battleship, a claustrophobic setting that’s in all probability the easiest Survivor has to supply. Right here, you’ll get an ideal boss struggle, just a few fascinating mini-bosses, and likewise essentially the most substantial fan service that Star Wars prequel trilogy followers acquired in online game kind since… Jedi Energy Battles?

Sorry for bringing it up.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Credit: EA.
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Credit score: EA.

Most Survivor gamers will keep in mind the primary introduction of Episode 1’s terrifying Droidekas lengthy after you’ve moved onto the remainder of the sport. Star Wars followers too, will respect seeing a bunch of separatist tech that has barely seen since Naboo. Not a Star Wars fan? You’ll rapidly respect how every of the droids and raiders secreted throughout the derelict ship have a distinct fight fashion, however I’d be prepared to wager in the event you make it this far, you’ll be looking Amazon for the nine-film Blu-ray assortment.

Really, that is Uncharted for the laser sword era, which feels just like the kind of elevator pitch any developer would rightfully shrink back from, however Digital Arts has pulled it off right here and it’s among the best motion video games of the previous few years.

A big a part of that is right down to the third sport in Survivor’s threeway inspiration mash-up: the standard Metroidvania. Survivor unfolds itself slowly as you play and there’s an actual pleasure to hurling your self across the sport as areas you’ve beforehand explored to a tedious degree will abruptly look totally completely different once you return with a brand new motion mechanic or particular key that can assist you get previous beforehand unimaginable objects.

Credit score: Respawn.

The center of Survivor is Koboh, a brand new planet that was created by the sport to go together with its new open-world vibe. You’ll spend a variety of your time exploring Koboh, and whereas you’ll fly to different planets from the Star Wars universe in the course of the marketing campaign, you’ll typically end up coming again to Koboh many times, each for mission targets but additionally for the Saloon situated in the course of the planet’s solo colony, the place a number of NPCs are ready at hand out new quests or promote you stuff. Extra faces pop up there over time as you discover them all through the sport and persuade them to go again to the saloon to… clear your fish tank or assist with the gardening.

Each of these items are actual in-game mechanics that you may discover, and it’s, sadly, a bit jarring to discover a gardener halfway by combating a thousand stormtroopers on a desert world earlier than suggesting they may need to come and take care of some crops.

Nonetheless, the characters themselves are charming sufficient and it offers you a purpose to return again to Koboh or the opposite areas armed with a brand new motion mechanic or potential that may allow you to open new paths. This may very well be one thing so simple as a mountable creature that may allow you to stroll up steep inclines, however is also a brand new drive energy that’ll permit you to mangle doorways, It’s a pleasure, as a result of even in the event you can’t but discover the reply to a blocked path forward of you, once you later get an merchandise that may allow you to finest the impediment it’s a rush — one which has you keen to leap again and resolve the puzzle, typically having to wrestle with Survivor’s slightly-dodgy-but-better-than-Fallen-Order’s map to take action.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Credit score: Respawn

This implies some challenges – an early side-mission sees you operating headlong right into a Rancor you may not be capable of defeat for ten hours – could play in your thoughts for the size of your playtime, nevertheless it additionally means there’s a ton of stuff to do right here round Survivor’s barely meandering central story, which is a paper-thin quest that entails you travelling across the map to choose up McGuffins earlier than heading again to a distinct world to point out another person that McGuffin.

Nonetheless, I watched each single one of many cutscenes, that are imbued with a dynamic high quality that makes them really feel like the most recent Disney+ Star Wars present. Mixed with some cracking music that seems like Star Wars and framing that may really feel immediately acquainted – together with these Star Wars wipe transitions that may really feel so acquainted to anybody keen on the sport – it’s exhausting to not really feel like Survivor is the very best online game illustration of Star Wars we’ve seen to this point.

Because of this when a number of the moments actually land – a selected drive push seems like it will have audiences screaming in a cinema, and also you’ll understand it once you see it – it’s straightforward to simply accept that the story is a bit nonsense and benefit from the experience.

That is what I did, and regardless of Survivor’s darkish tone I discovered myself shopping for wholly into the marginally scowly Cal Kestis and the characters that pop up alongside that journey. I’d like so as to add a particular shoutout to each single battledroid right here too, as a result of whereas many moments within the sport made me really feel issues, the battledroids made me usually giggle out loud with their barks, quips and bickering. An early trade the place a battledroid requested “why are we referred to as the raiders?” solely to be answered by one other droid suggesting “the raiding,” made me giggle so exhausting I knew these have been the droids I used to be searching for.

There are some concern with this excellent Star Wars world. Invisible partitions will cease Kestis leaping onto some roofs however not others, generally a leap is made a lot tougher due to clipping by the ground and sometimes the body fee will get a bit bit sluggish taking part in on high quality mode on the PlayStation 5.

Nonetheless, these really feel like small quirks to a sport that’s largely chic and is so dense there’s nonetheless loads of stuff to speak about if it weren’t for the truth that, say, selecting what seeds to develop within the Saloon’s backyard is such a small a part of the sport it’s a sideshow for gamers to have interaction with in the event that they need to, or by no means. Survivor is filled with these little quirks. If you wish to cease and odor the Jawas alongside the best way you’ll be rewarded with beauty gadgets and tiny buffs for it, nevertheless it feels just like the kind of sport you may simply get pleasure from at your individual tempo. It’s additionally the kind of sport {that a} extra informal participant goes to spend a yr chewing over as they hoover up collectibles and exploration tokens.

Finally, that is Star Wars. However that constancy comes with a price. Very like Disneyland’s personal Galaxy’s Edge, followers might want to see this model of the universe for themselves. Sadly, very similar to that district, it’s an amusement park somewhat than an actual world.

Certain, it’s a hell of a experience, however if you wish to actually get pleasure from it it’s finest to maintain all your limbs contained in the cart always and never ask too many questions.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is out on April 28 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Collection X|S. This overview was performed on a PlayStation 5.


The very best motion journey launched in 2023 to date, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a confidence to its world and the play that it completely manages to again up by how enjoyable it’s. A must-play, maybe the very best motion sport of the era to date.


  • A number of the finest graphics in video video games
  • Phenomenal fight
  • It really seems like Star Wars


  • Fiddly map
  • Paper-thin central plot


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