5 Frequent Habits That Kill Your Drive, Motivation, And Vitality


What you “don’t” can matter greater than what you do.

Motivation is bizarre.

After we go to mattress late at evening, we’re dying to vary our lives and make nice plans. However when tomorrow comes, it’s all gone – we snooze the alarm, flip round, and hope for higher occasions.

The humorous factor is, our drive is all the time there. It’s hardwired into our DNA to outlive and thrive, make our lives higher, have wholesome offspring, and be a champ. However our each day actions usually kill that drive, leaving us caught on the sofa.

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us.” – John Dryden

If you wish to expertise relentless drive, countless power, and roof-blasting motivation as a substitute, drop the habits that drain them out of you.

a sun hidden

Hiding From The Solar

Whenever you ask individuals what makes them really feel energized, you usually get the identical solutions.

Meals. Water. Train. Loud music. A double espresso shot adopted by a crimson bull and Coca Cola. Honest name on all of those – however there’s one other necessary supply.

It’s so apparent most individuals miss it.


Research present repeatedly that exposing your self to vibrant daylight within the morning has a ton of well being advantages and skyrockets your power ranges. On his podcast, neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman emphasizes the organic crucial for psychological and bodily well being of getting 2-10 minutes of solar each morning upon waking as an power administration behavior:

“To begin with, this isn’t some woo biology factor. That is grounded within the core of our physiology. We’ll discuss all that, however everyone, whether or not or not you reside in a cloudy place or a sunny place, whether or not or not there’s cloud cowl or not that day, ought to actually attempt to get vibrant gentle in your eyes, ideally from daylight inside the first 30 to 60 minutes after waking. The rationale for that’s quite simple. […] Actually, once you begin doing this, you will discover that your physique will begin to really feel extra energized and it’ll really feel extra energized extra shortly.”

For those who don’t do it, you’re taking pictures your self within the foot since you’ll miss out on two highly effective results.

  • Publicity to morning daylight triggers cortisol launch. It is a pure wake-up sign and boosts alertness and focus all through the day.
  • It units your circadian rhythm, which makes you sleepy at evening. You assist your physique launch melatonin, a sleep hormone, on the proper time – bettering your sleep high quality and serving to you begin the following day well-rested.

Daylight publicity is straightforward – simply observe these pointers:

  • Within the morning proper after waking up, get exterior and face the solar for 2 to 10 minutes (twice as lengthy when you’re behind a window.) If it’s cloudy, develop this time to half-hour. If the solar isn’t up but, use vibrant overhead gentle.
  • Within the afternoon or night, go exterior for 20 to half-hour once more. This helps your sensory cells and hormone cycles regulate additional, making you extra alert through the day and extra sleepy at evening.
  • Dim lights within the night and keep away from synthetic lights between 10pm and 4am. For those who don’t, you’ll set off an early cortisol launch, which messes along with your sleep high quality. You’ll additionally suppress dopamine manufacturing, which may critically dampen your temper.

The solar determines our physique’s pure rhythms – work with it as a substitute of towards it.

Sustaining A Tremendous Sedentary Way of life

I just lately learn one thing that made me shake my head like a canine with itchy ears.

A well being coach advisable taking a each day 20-minute stroll as train. Up to now, so good – strolling has tons of scientifically confirmed well being advantages. What stunned me was that 20 minutes of strolling was thought-about train.

Our ancestors couldn’t even get breakfast with out that.

That is simply one of many results of our sedentary way of life. We park our behind at work, within the automobile, and on our sofa at residence. In accordance with the Washington Put up, the common US grownup sits for six.5 hours per day.

Whenever you plop down in your butt, your physique winds down. You get right into a lazy place, so that you begin to really feel lazy. However that’s not all.

Lengthy sits enhance your danger of heart problems, chance of dying from diabetes, coronary heart illness, and weight problems, and total danger of early demise.

This doesn’t imply it’s a must to stand on a regular basis – in accordance to Harvard biology professor Daniel Lieberman, you simply should keep away from vegging out.

“Experiments that ask individuals to interrupt lengthy intervals of sitting even briefly – for instance, only a hundred seconds each half hour – end in decrease ranges of sugar, fats, and so-called unhealthy ldl cholesterol of their blood […] and stimulate muscular tissues to quench irritation and scale back physiological stress.” – Daniel Lieberman

Aside from the well being advantages, it’ll maintain your physique functioning correctly and enhance your drive and power.

So as a substitute of getting glued to your sofa, discover methods to maintain transferring.

  • Play along with your canine or children
  • Fold laundry
  • Do gentle stretching
  • Stand as much as look out of the window
  • Do gentle cleansing

Keep lively and pushed as a substitute of paralyzing your self in the identical place for hours.

illustration of donut, chips, and pizza

Consuming Vitality-Draining Meals Commonly

Your physique is an engine – and engines want gasoline.

For those who fill a automobile with the mistaken gasoline, it stutters or dies. For those who feed your physique the mistaken gasoline, it received’t carry out at stellar ranges, both. Don’t count on your self to really feel like a king when you eat like a beggar.

Nevertheless, vitamin is a posh subject. There are literally thousands of items of recommendation for what you ought to eat. However to extend your drive and power, simply keep away from these:

  • Any kind of greasy quick meals. Munching burgers will glue you to the sofa for hours as a result of that’s how lengthy it takes to digest them.
  • Sugars and sweets. Whenever you eat a ton of sweets, you get a sudden burst of power – then crash when you’ve burned via them.
  • Extra caffeine consumption. There’s nothing mistaken with a espresso to spice up your power ranges on a sluggish day. However too many mess along with your sleep and make you dependent – each drain your power and drive.

Now all that’s left to skyrocket your power is that this: Drink loads of water.

The Nationwide Academy of Medication recommends at the very least 13 cups (3 liters) for males and 9 cups (2 liters) for girls per day – extra when you’re in a sizzling local weather or work out. To kickstart your day, drink half a liter within the morning – we lose a variety of fluid through the evening and it will enable you get again into excessive gear.

Don’t feed your physique crappy gasoline and don’t let it dry out – it will make you are feeling extra energetic and pushed than any espresso ever might.

Coming into A Reactive State In The Morning

“The way you begin your day is how you reside your day. How you reside your day is how you reside your life.” – Louise Hay

Many males set themselves up for failure proper after they rise up.

Within the morning, you’re nonetheless contemporary. You simply had an evening of deep restorative relaxation. The world hasn’t but gripped you with all its troubles and there are not any fires to place out.

However then, you do what most males do – and seize your cellphone.

Messages roll in. Reminders for appointments plop up. A notification for an e-mail out of your boss reveals on the display.

This places you into reactive mode – you reply to your environment and allow them to drain your power. When your day begins with a ton of to-dos, it’s no surprise you lose your motivation.

a megaphone yelling from a mobile phone with 359 notifications

As an alternative, go into lively mode – resolve what you’ll do. Take a while for your self to meditate, journal, or have breakfast. Don’t overload your self earlier than your day has even began.

Within the night, I put my cellphone into airplane mode – this ensures that no distracting notifications will pop up on the display. I maintain it like that till lunchtime, after I’ve completed crucial issues for the day. It’s possible you’ll want your cellphone earlier than, however you don’t must verify all its notifications proper after you get up.

Begin your day proper to keep up your drive and power.

Spending Too A lot Time In Thought

Your thoughts is each your greatest and worst asset.

It helps you resolve issues and enhance your life – but in addition retains you caught in countless loops of ruminating concerning the previous and worrying concerning the future.

You’ll be able to spend hours enthusiastic about what your boss stated, tips on how to greatest talk along with your companion, or which manner you’ll lose that cussed stomach fats. Whenever you do this, you’ll discover a bunch of the reason why this or that received’t work. It’s how your thoughts capabilities – it’s all the time in search of issues.

Overthinking drains your drive, power, and motivation. Regardless of how a lot effort you set in, you’ll all the time hit a hypothetical wall. Counter it with motion.

  • Set closing dates on when and the way a lot you consider one thing. Don’t let it take over your life.
  • Write down your ideas. For those who don’t, your thoughts will run in circles, burning extra power with each spherical.
  • Take small steps. Ask your self, “what’s the following small factor I can do?” Then go and make it occur.

You’ll be able to create your drive and motivation your self. Don’t get caught in your head. Get transferring as a substitute.

Motion creates power.

Abstract To Enhance Your Vitality, Drive, and Motivation

You have already got all of it within you. You’re genetically hardwired to be a badass. You simply must cease doing what drains you.

  1. Get solar publicity as quickly as doable within the morning.
  2. Cease the tremendous sedentary way of life and transfer steadily.
  3. Don’t react to your cellphone very first thing within the morning – enter an lively state as a substitute.
  4. Don’t eat energy-draining quick meals day-after-day.
  5. Cease losing your time and power on overthinking.


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