Established in 1991, Objectivity is a values-driven software development company specialized in delivering custom software solutions, digital transformation, and IT consulting. Employ innovative thinking and decades of expertise to help clients leverage the latest technologies, always aiming to create the most fit-for-purpose digital solutions. Work with clients from a range of industries, including retail, health and social care, finance, transportation and more. For Objectivity, realizing projects is about more than software development. The aim is to help organization tackle business challenges and grow in a way that suits your needs.


.NET Developer

Software Developer at Objectivity works as a member of our Agile team alongside with a Technical Architect, Quality Engineers, Business Analyst and a Project Manager to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to our clients. Each and every team adapts its ways of working accordingly, which they consider the most effective way of working with a specific client and project. In this way, you learn not only different technology set-ups but also new and innovative ways of working.

We believe in engineers who specialise in one field but at the same time have broad knowledge of technology as a whole in order to be ready to deliver both back-end and front-end code and to find themselves in the DevOps culture with automation as the first priority. Close collaboration and direct communication with other team members and the client is an important part of our delivery process.

You can be sure that your voice will be heard and that you will have an impact on your team’s decisions, regardless of your role.

If you believe that quality is the responsibility of the whole team, you have some commercial and delivery awareness and if SOLID principles are your bread and butter, then you will be more than happy working with us.

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All qualified candidates should submit their applications by using the” Apply for this job” button below by the 26th of September 2022.