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Job position opportunity at RULINDO DISTRICT

Community Base Health Insurance Officer Under Statute at RULINDO DISTRICT

Develop a local strategy and action plan for community-based health insurance, evaluate its implementation across sectors, and publish consolidated reports; – Develop project proposals for additional funds mobilization to improve the functioning of Community Based Health Insurance, as well as initiate and coordinate the implementation of advocacy campaigns aimed at meeting the medical insurance needs of vulnerable people across the District; – Organize and supervise, in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders, regular campaigns aimed at raising local population awareness on the benefits of adhering to Mutuelle de Santé or other mechanized health insurance. Coordinate the activities of Mobilization Committees throughout the District and monitor proper reimbursement to health facilities of any costs incurred as part of the Community Based Health Insurance Scheme; – Maintain an updated database of partners supporting the Community Based Health Insurance Scheme;CBHI and subscription prices to CBHI and other medical insurance schemes available around the District

3 Job Positions of Health and Sanitation Officer Under Statute at RULINDO DISTRICT

-Implement the District’s strategy on community health and sanitation in accordance with national policies and programs; -Organize and conduct public awareness campaigns on health and sanitation issues, including disease and malnutrition prevention and control at the Sector level; -Supervise the quality of services rendered by health facilities at the Sector level and consolidate data on the situation of subscription to medical insurance schemes (including Mutuelle de Santé).

Transit center coordinator Under Contract at RULINDO DISTRICT

-Guhuza ibikorwa byose by’Ikigo kinyurwamo by’Igihe gito;
-Gukurikirana imikorere ya buri munsi y’Ikigo kinyurwamo by’Igihe gito;
-Gukurikirana ibikorwa by’Igororamuco no gusubiza mu buzima busanzwe abari mu kigo kinyurwamo by’igihe gito;
-Gutanga raporo ya buri kwezi na buri gihembwe ku karere no guha kopi Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Igororamuco;
-Gushyira mu bikorwa Iteka rya Minisitiri No 001/07.01 ryo kuwa 19/04/2018 rigena inshingano, imiterere n’imikorere by’Ibigo binyurwamo by’igihe gito;
-Kwandika no kubika imyirondoro yabakiriwe mu Kigo kinyurwamo by’igihe gito;
-Ku bufatanye n’Akarere, gushyira mu bikorwa gahunda yo gukumira ubuzererezi n’Imyitwarire mibi;
-Guteza imbere imikoranire myiza hagati y’Ikigo kinyurwamo by’igihe gito n’Abafatanyabikorwa bakorera ku karere;
-Kuzuza ibitabo n’amafishi byose biteganywa mu Kigo kinyurwamo by’igihe gito;
-Kumenyekanisha ibikorwa by’Ikigo kinyurwamo by’igihe gito;
-Gushyiraho gahunda y’ibiganiro bigamije guhindura imyitwarire;
-Kumenyesha Akarere n’Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Igororamuco, ikibazo cyihariye cyavutse mu Kigo kinyurwamo by’igihe gito;
-Gutegura no gushyira mu bikorwa gahunda yo gusura abari mu Kigo kinyurwamo by’igihegito;
-Izindi nshingano ahabwa n’umukoresha we.


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