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Enabel, the Belgian development agency executes the Belgian governmental cooperation.



2 Biodiversity Specialists (f/m) 


The Belgian development agency is Enabel. It carries out Belgian government collaboration. Other national and international contributors are also served by the organization. Enabel, in collaboration with its Belgian and international partners, provides answers to major global concerns such as climate change, urbanization, human mobility, peace and security, economic and social inequality, and global citizenship. Enabel employs 2,000 people and administers around 170 projects in twenty countries, including Belgium, Africa, and the Middle East.

The Swedish Embassy (SIDA) signed a funding agreement with the Ministry of Environment (MoE) / Rwanda Forestry Authority (RFA) in December 2021 for the implementation of the project “Reducing vulnerability to climate change through enhanced community-based biodiversity conservation in the Eastern Province of Rwanda (COMBIO),” which focuses on creating biodiversity interconnections of the various ecosystems and landscapes throughout the Eastern Province.

This Project will be aligned and complementary to the TREPA project (funded by the Green Climate Fund, https://www.greenclimate.fund/project/fp167 ). 

COMBIO will be structured around and aimed at achieving the following outcomes: 

Outcome 1: Increased climate resilience via restored, improved, and preserved biodiversity in productive and protective environments.
Outcome 2: Improved community livelihoods through biodiversity-based companies and the development of value chains.
Outcome 3: Improved and coordinated community-based knowledge and national biodiversity monitoring systems.

Enabel, as an implementing partner, will support the following particular outcomes in partnership with the Rwanda Forestry Authority (RFA) and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN):

Increased biodiversity in protected natural reserves and community natural Sancta, particularly in I assisting in the selection of areas suitable for biodiversity sancta, as well as the establishment and training of local community groups and the design of community management plans; ii) assisting local communities in integrating diverse and biodiversity supportive species in each sanctum; and iii) contributing to the development of nature discovery circuits in the sanctum and training local guides.

acceptable to the community and lucrative Biodiversity-based enterprises were developed, notably through I feasibility analysis of targeted value chains/enterprises, ii) organizational capacity building of targeted cooperatives, iii) developing their business management and financial capacity, as well as their linkages with potential markets, iv) support the establishment of product processing and storage equipment and facilities, and v) training key operators on processing and maintenance technology and good practices.

Enabel is looking for two Biodiversity Specialists (f/m) to help with these duties.

Duty station: Eastern Province 

Contract duration: 12 months, according to Rwandan labor legislation, with the possibility of extension based on the demands of the project consortium and the availability of finances.

Expected starting date: November 2022

Wage based on our salary grids (class 5: Intervention Officer): The gross compensation ranges from 1.852.952RWF to 1.852.952RWF based on the number of years of relevant experience.


The Specialist will assist the project in the identification, assessment, and establishment of community biodiversity sanctuaries under the direct supervision of Enabel’s Intervention Manager for DeSIRA, TREPA, and COMBIO projects, and in collaboration with the SPIU Staff of RFA and technical team of IUCN, with technical support from the International Biodiversity expert.

In general, (s)he will:

Participate in the creation of work plans and activity timetables;
Contribute to the gathering of data required for the monitoring and evaluation system;
Under the supervision of an International Biodiversity expert and in collaboration with local authorities and communities, identify and assess (baseline assessment) sites eligible for the establishment of biodiversity sanctuaries across the Eastern Province, as well as potential nature-based value chains that can be promoted, in accordance with the project’s methodology.
Prepare, arrange, and deliver awareness/training workshops to local people on themes such as biodiversity sanctuaries and nature-based value chain potential, plans, activities, good management practices, and so on.
Support the formation of well-known and structured cooperatives within designated sanctuary groups, as well as the development and signing of

MoUs between each cooperative and local authorities, specifying each party’s commitment and obligations in the establishment and operation of the sanctuaries;
Support sanctuary communities in the development of their participatory biodiversity sanctuaries, including biodiverse species selection (with a focus on indigenous species), community nurseries and tree reproductive materials sourcing and multiplication, planting and management plans, with a focus on gender inclusion and detailed maps and asset situation plans.
Support sanctuary communities in developing internal rules specifying principles and management modalities (decision making, activity coordination, saving group and money management processes, member inclusion/exclusion, fines, incentives, and so on) to be followed by community group members.
Train, support, and oversee sanctuary communities in the repair and maintenance of their facilities.


qualification and experience

Rwandan national
A Master’s degree in biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management, botany, forestry/agroforestry, environmental management, or a closely related discipline.
At least 5 years of demonstrated expertise in community project/program implementation, including at least 3 years of practical experience in biodiversity conservation, community ecotourism, forestry/agroforestry, and/or Natural Resource Systems Management, including at least 2 years in Rwanda.

Technical skills

Excellent mastery of Kinyarwanda and English; understanding of French would be advantageous.
Strong interpersonal skills are required to engage communities and teach local actors. Any experience in native tree species propagation, landscape design, or the construction of botanical gardens will be considered an asset.
Excellent knowledge of and expertise with nature-based firms and value chains
Good awareness of the ideas and purposes of international biodiversity agreements
Excellent awareness of and capacity to apply a Theory of Change (ToC) Process in biodiversity restoration


  • Proactive, innovative, and creative, with strong organizational and field activity coordination skills. 
  • Capacity to work in a multicultural context
  • Ability to work independently to produce expected results 
  • Mature, good communicator and team player
  • High level of rigor, integrity and willing to learn
  • Flexible, adaptable, and able to execute a range of job duties and changing priorities.

Applicants are also required to commit to the vision, mission and values of Enabel (https://www.enabel.be/content/enabel-vision-mission-values) .

Following this recruitment procedure, a shortlist of successful applicants may be constituted which may be sourced in the next three years for similar job openings.

How to apply

Interested applicants fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria are invited to submit their application documents through Job in Rwanda “Appy” button below by “filling out the application form carefully”. including detailed Curriculum Vitae (max 5 pages), a motivation letter, and a copy of the University degree(s). Past and current service certificates also need to be attached to the application (unproven experience will not be considered during the shortlisting).  Submit the full file not later than   Tuesday 11th October 2022. 

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