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For Recruitment of Special Needs Education Coordinators (SNECOs) at the National Union of Disability Organizations in Rwanda (NUDOR): (Deadline 4 June 2024)

For Recruitment of Special Needs Education Coordinators (SNECOs) at the National Union of Disability Organizations in Rwanda (NUDOR): (Deadline 4 June 2024)

(Deadline: 04th June, 2024)

Job Title: Special Needs education Coordinators on Zero Out of School Children Project

Reporting: NUDOR Zero Out of School Project Manager

Location: Five Districts namely: KICUKIRO – RUTSIRO – GISAGARA – RWAMAGANA – GICUMBI


NUDOR Background

The National Union of the Disability Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR) was established as a civil society organization in September 2010 by 8 National organizations of Persons with Disabilities. Currently, NUDOR is composed of fifteen (15) National Organizations of Persons with Disabilities.

Through its interventions, NUDOR aims at achieving its vision and mission which are respectfully “a society where People with Disabilities enjoy equal human rights, opportunities and full participation as other citizens” and “to serve as a voice of member organizations to advocate for disability rights, inclusion of all aspects of life and their full and effective and effective engagement in sustainable development programs”.

Our response / strategic objectives: In line to needs of persons with disabilities and their organizations, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals and the National Strategy for transformation, the following are strategic objectives that will drive our work in the years to come:

  • Strategic objective 1: Advocate for comprehensive inclusive and special Education to ensure equitable access for all children and adults with disabilities in Rwanda.
  • Strategic objective 2: Advocate for Accessible, quality and equitable Health Services for persons with disabilities to promote health equity and well-being for all.
  • Strategic objective 3: Advocate for responsive, inclusive, and equitable Laws, policies and practices that address the diverse needs, perspectives and participation for persons with disabilities.
  • Strategic objective 4: Enhance governance structures and foster organizational development initiatives to ensure strategic alignment, operational efficiency and sustainable growth.
  • Strategic objective 5: Advocate for increased access to skills development programs, employment opportunities and appropriate social protection programs for persons with disabilities in Rwanda.

Cross thematic areas: Following are cross thematic areas that inspired the development of our theory of change and the overall strategy: Community Based Inclusive Development, intersectionality Approach, gender equality, Community Based Rehabilitation, advocacy and diversity.

Project Background

For a period of five years, (Sept 8th 2023-Sept 7th 2028), The National Union Disability Organizations (NUDOR), Humanity and Inclusion and Save the Children International in Rwanda are working with the Ministry of Education to ensure that all children benefit from an inclusive and equitable basic education. The Project is co-funded by Education Above All Foundation (with support from Qatar Fund for Development) and the Rwandan Ministry of Education. Save the Children leads the implementing consortium. Humanity and Inclusion and NUDOR are the sub awardees. Our joint vision is that no child misses out on primary education in Rwanda. The project will directly contribute to achieving universal primary education in Rwanda and will support the strategy of the Government of Rwanda towards zero out-of-school children at primary school level. The project’s goal is to improve access to and retention in equitable primary education for all Rwandan boys and girls, i.e. ensuring that no child misses out on primary school. It will enroll and retain the remaining 177,119 out of school children at primary school level.

 The project’s outcomes are as follow:

  • Strengthening the identification, enrolment, attendance and retention of out-of-school children at the school-level;
  • Empowering communities and families to promote identification, enrolment, attendance and retention of out-of-school children; and
  • Strengthening policies, data and feedback management systems on and for out-of-school children.

NUDOR, as a member of the consortium will assure the programme is well implemented by: Ensuring out and in school children with disabilities access quality Education, leaving no child behind and ensuring their retention, transition, and completion throughout the education system.

Through the project achievements, NUDOR is also aiming at ensuring that key education actors, community structures and specialized services are well identified, strengthened and brought on board to support education of out and in school children with disabilities, disaggregated data collection tools relating to the identification of children with disabilities, key barriers to enrollment are well identified and overcome, Zero OOSC’ implementation guidelines are developed, accessible teaching and learning materials are provided to needy children with disabilities, Communities are mobilized to improve the physical, safety and security conditions of roads leading to schools, SNECOs’ role is institutionalized in Rwandan educational structure, referral pathways and work with local authorities to advocate for additional support for children with disabilities, in particular to access specialized services are scaled up.

NUDOR will therefore hire very well skilled and experienced Special Needs Education Coordinators to join the NUDOR project team for that purpose for a period of six months starting from 01st July, 2024 to 31st December, 2024.

  1. Job Purpose:

The purpose of hiring staff in the aforementioned position is to effectively coordinate NUDOR’s interventions at the grassroots level. This includes identifying out-of-school children with disabilities and ensuring that learners with special needs receive appropriate educational support and accommodations within schools and community in the districts of intervention. It also involves ensuring that educational services and resources are effectively coordinated to meet the diverse needs of learners with disabilities.

  1. Key Responsibilities

The Special Needs Education Coordinator on this ZOOSC Project will plays a fundamental role in ensuring that children with disabilities receive the support, resources, and opportunities they need to be enrolled and succeed academically, socially, and emotionally in schools. Responsibilities include the following:

  • Identifying, enrolling out of school children with disabilities in neighbouring schools;
  • Providing training and support to school staff on inclusive education, differentiated instruction, behaviour management, and meeting diverse learning needs;
  • Conducting assessments to identify learners’ strengths, weaknesses, and learning needs, informing educational placement and guiding instructional strategies and interventions.;
  • Support and guiding in handling behavioural and emotional crises with learners with special needs;
  • Developing and implementing behaviour intervention plans when required;
  • Collaborating with teachers, parents, and professionals to develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for learners with special needs, ensuring that educational goals are suitable and attainable;
  • Coordinating resources, such as specialized equipment, materials, and support personnel, to meet the needs of learners with disabilities in the most effective and efficient manner;
  • Advocating for the rights and needs of learners with disabilities within and beyond the school community;
  • Collecting, analysing, and maintaining accurate records of student progress, interventions, and services provided, in compliance with confidentiality and data privacy laws;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of special education programs and services, and making recommendations for improvement based on data and best practices;
  • Promoting an inclusive culture within the school community by advocating for inclusive practices that ensure the full participation of learners with disabilities in all aspects of school life.
  • Creating partnerships with other district stakeholders working I education and social protection sectors to ensure the provision of the assistive devices and accessible materials are given to children with disabilities.
  1. Technical Skills required.
  • Special needs and inclusive education expertise;
  • University Degree in Education, Special needs/Inclusive Education or related degree;
  • A proven experience of at least 3 years in the field of special needs and inclusive education
  • Experience in advocacy and communication towards inclusion of persons with disabilities;
  • Report writing skills and experience of working in the field in remote area;
  • Experience to work with persons with disabilities and or Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) in Rwanda;
  • Good spoken and written, Kinyarwanda, English and French;
  • Strong organizational and time management skills;
  • Understanding of and a commitment to safeguarding including child protection, in a local, regional and international context.

How to apply

Qualified Candidates (m/w) should submit a motivation letter , CV, Copy of Degree and other supporting documents in English to: NUDOR email, info@nudor.org; not later than 4th June, 2024. The application letter has to be addressed to the Executive Secretary of NUDOR. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the next step of this recruitment.

Done at Kigali on 10th May, 2024

SENGIYUMVA Jean Damascene

Executive Secretary


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