An Astrologer Breaks Down Moon Section Compatibility


As an astrologer, I really like to think about an individual’s natal moon section—aka the section that the moon was in after they have been born—whereas studying their start chart as a result of it says a lot about their innermost wishes and life trajectory. (To search for your personal moon section, plug your birthday right into a moon-phase calculator.) As TikTok would have it, this moon section may also sign your compatibility with a possible or present companion….however, cosmically, there’s extra to that story.

For the uninitiated, the TikTok pattern includes utilizing a video editor to superimpose images of two folks’s moon phases as a way to see in the event that they match collectively like puzzle items, forming an entire full moon—not in contrast to these cute finest buddy coronary heart necklaces of the early 2000’s. That is all visible poetry, much more spellbinding when set to the sound of “Each Summertime” by NIKI, which accompanies the pattern.

Whereas this straightforward “take a look at” definitely oversimplifies astrological compatibility (extra on that under), there’s loads you can find out about your self and a companion based mostly in your moon phases. And a few of this intel may show helpful when contemplating your compatibility.

How moon phases can have an effect on compatibility

Moon-phase compatibility could also be a brand new pattern, nevertheless it has its roots in historic astrological practices. To discover its potential accuracy, it’s useful to think about the completely different components at play.

At a broad stage, the moon in astrology represents the inside life, feelings, emotions, and the center. It’s how we discover happiness and safety. Due to this fact, the moon completely impacts romantic compatibility.

In truth, in a compatibility studying, an astrologer will sometimes think about which of the 12 zodiac indicators an individual’s moon falls in to find out their deepest motivations, and which of the 12 astrological homes, to discover focus areas. After which they’ll evaluate this intel with the identical data from the individual’s companion.

Every moon section displays a selected emotional theme or undercurrent for people who find themselves born below it.

From there, an astrologer may also think about each folks’s natal moon phases, which is the place the TikTok moon-phase compatibility pattern comes into play. There are eight moon phases in complete: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. And every of those displays a selected emotional theme or undercurrent for people who find themselves born below it.

For instance, somebody born below a full moon could be emotionally expressive, whereas somebody born below a waning crescent is extra prone to embrace closure. First quarter and third quarter moons deal with battle finest, however third quarter moons usually tend to adapt with inside shifts versus exterior actions.

By exploring moon phases, we are able to definitely achieve wealthy vocabulary to explain what we like or don’t like about the way in which a companion processes feelings. However the TikTok pattern goes a step additional, promising that sure moon-phase mixtures—those that puzzle collectively neatly to type a full moon—are certain to replicate soulmates and that the remaining replicate {couples} who aren’t meant to be collectively. In apply, although, issues aren’t so clear-cut.

Why the TikTok moon-phase compatibility take a look at falls brief

Whereas there’s apparent attraction to such a fast “sure” or “no” reply on the query of compatibility, I discover that assessing compatibility comes with much more grey space. Sure birth-chart mixtures do appear to portend numerous hassle, whereas others maintain a ton of starstruck potential, however most truly fall someplace within the center. And the folks concerned may wind up suitable or… not a lot based mostly on which helpful facets of their charts show most interesting and which difficult themes develop into most problematic.

That’s all to say, even the 4 moon-phase pairings destined to be excellent suits within the TikTok compatibility pattern aren’t with out their drawbacks. Under, I’ve damaged down the final upsides and drawbacks to every:

  • New moon and full moon: The dreamer (new moon) and the doer (full moon) usually stability one another out—however the full moon’s high-energy vibe may additionally overpower the brand new moon’s calmer, meditative nature.
  • Waxing crescent and waning gibbous: The rising star (waxing crescent) and the mentor (waning gibbous) share a desire for development and ease. However in some instances, the considerate waning gibbous may develop annoyed with the waxing crescent’s carefree curiosity and spontaneity.
  • Waning crescent and waxing gibbous: The thinker (waning crescent) and the coach (waxing gibbous) share an emphasis on transformation, however tensions may come up from the waning crescent’s want for inside processing.
  • First quarter and third quarter: The activist (first quarter) and the thinker (third quarter) each have a excessive tolerance for stress and will lean into battle. However whereas the primary quarter seeks to provide exterior change, the third is primarily working via an inside change of coronary heart.

The potential factors of compatibility (and incompatibility) in these and different moon-phase pairs additionally rely upon different components of each folks’s start charts. Every of us incorporates multitudes, and our moon phases replicate only one means—amongst numerous methods—to find out compatibility.

Different main relationship markers on the start chart embrace the aspect (hearth, earth, air, or water) of every of your private planets, and particularly Venus, the planet of affection. For example, in case you have Venus in Aries and your companion has Venus in Leo, meaning you each have Venus within the hearth aspect—so, the alternative ways you specific love are prone to work collectively. One other potential signal of fated chemistry? Any planet (however particularly the solar or moon) positioned in the identical signal as a companion’s north node (a degree within the sky related to future).

The added attract of moon-phase compatibility over the above is that it’s easy to know, no matter astrology information; in any case, moon phases are simply identifiable within the evening sky. And given the astrological relevance of an individual’s moon section for his or her emotional vibe, there is definitely no hurt in making an attempt out the TikTok pattern with a present or potential companion, simply to see if it would maintain true in your life. In that case, maintain it near your coronary heart, and convey it up the subsequent time cupid strikes. It’s thought that the moon exists to light up life’s nice mysteries.


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