What’s With the Subaru within the Twisted Steel Trailer?


In the present day, the primary trailer for Peacock’s new Twisted Steel collection dropped. It’s a streaming-only TV present, primarily based on a online game, as a result of these are sizzling proper now and other people appear to love making them. Generally they’re even good!

I don’t know if Twisted Steel appears to be like good or not, as a result of I’ve by no means performed the sport. However I do know the trailer closely contains a bugeye Subaru, and boy do I’ve some ideas on that. Particularly, one thought: What is occurring with this automobile?

In case you missed it:

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That is in all probability the best-lit shot of the entire automobile, and we will see just a few issues. It’s an orange bugeye with a vented hood, it has some tacked-on fender flares, and it’s sporting an STi wing. That little tidbit began me considering we didn’t get a bugeye STi within the U.S., so is that this a WRX in cosplay?

Possibly. There’s no hood scoop, which usually disqualifies a Subie from WRX-dom, however that is the uncommon event the place which will truly not be the case. Most lovers know {that a} WRX’s hood scoop is supposed to funnel air right into a top-mounted intercooler, however solely the Subie devoted usually know its second function: pulling sizzling air out, away from the turbo. This vented hood can’t do the previous, however it may be capable of pull off the latter. That means, if the top-mount intercooler has been swapped for a front-mount, we could also be a manufacturing facility turbo automobile right here.

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Conveniently, the present offers us a shot of the automobile’s entrance. Inconveniently, it’s extremely darkish, as a result of that’s simply how motion pictures and TV at the moment are. Blowing the picture out in Photoshop and rising the brightness doesn’t assist both there’s simply no data behind that entrance bumper to disclose. If solely there was another manner for us to inform, one thing to distinguish a modified Impreza from a real WRX.

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Oh, that’s handy. A shot of the pedals, exhibiting actual, metallic, WRX foot pads! The Impreza, again in 2003, simply bought plain black rubber. Positive, these could possibly be transferred over, however why would you? In the event you’re busy outfitting your Subie with fender-mounted machine weapons, pedal really feel might be the very last thing in your thoughts.

So, the automobile in Twisted Steel does look like a real WRX. That’s a hell of a thriller that nobody thought was a thriller, and didn’t even really want fixing, however rattling if it didn’t simply get solved. Hopefully meaning a present stuffed with boxer rumble, of turbo flutter, and a superbly real-world correct midseason episode the place Anthony Mackie’s cylinder 4 ringlands go dangerous and he must swap in a junker motor as a result of the piston slap ruined the cylinder partitions. If this present consists of that, it’ll get full marks from me.


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