RDB customer service internship opportunity



Deadline (Oct 17, 2022)

Job Description

– Arrange feedback meetings with enterprises and other hosting institutions, as well as resolve any difficulties that arise.

  • Assistance in mobilizing and engaging enterprises, governmental institutions, NGOs, and SMEs to host and coach interns – Call interns to check for availability before putting them in different hosting institutions – Organize feedback sessions with interns and handle concerns connected to internships
  • Assist interns and hosting institutions in creating accounts in the internship system. – Assist interns in applying for internships in the internship system. – Verify intern application files and confirm those qualified to be on the waiting list, and reject those who do not meet the standards.
  • Assisting hosting institutions in requesting interns – Following up with hosting institutions to sign contracts online in the system – Collecting technical concerns identified by interns and assisting them in resolving themresolve difficulties or push for further support and assistance
  • Follow up with hosting institutions from intern request through contract signing – Monitor complaints and criticism submitted to RDB via various platforms, including social media and emails
  • Conduct field monitoring sessions to examine the learning environment and create solutions to problems.

Minimum Requirements

Communication Bachelor’s Degree

3 years related experience

Bachelor of Business Administration with a Human Resource concentration

3 years related experience

Sociology Bachelor’s Degree

3 years related experience


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