Logistics & Supply Chain Specialist Rwanda-Kigali is the duty station.


Logistics & Supply Chain Department

Logistics Manager reports to

Positions available: 1

Rwanda-Kigali is the duty station.

The Job’s Main Purpose

Responsible for planning, controlling, and coordinating logistics activities to guarantee that the appropriate items or products are delivered in the right quantities, to the right client, on time, and at the right price.


Cost-cutting concepts are being implemented in all parts of warehouse transaction and service transportation activities.

ensuring that subcontractors are handled and assessed properly

Ensure that all targets, instructions, and directives from the operations manager are met.

Supporting and engaging in the supply chain management process, including a proactive contribution to winning strategies

Choosing, negotiating, and implementing supply orders in compliance with the organization’s established set of requirements.

ensuring that commodities are delivered in the appropriate amounts, to the appropriate customer, and at the appropriate time

Conducting a comprehensive assessment and development of warehouse systems and processes

ensuring that supplies are always available, especially when needed, and that planned functions are carried out successfully

and effectively handled

Monitoring and supervising the upkeep and safety of all store vehicles, machinery, and other equipment.

Implementing technologies or strategies connected to logistics and supply chain management procedures to make the task more efficient and easy.

Making certain that all documentation is correct and up to date.

Academic Achievements

Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management or a closely related subject

Work Experience and Required Skills

3 years of hands-on experience in the logistics and supply chain industries

Desirable Characteristics

A good team player who can work efficiently.

Outstanding communication, presentation, and leadership abilities

Excellent organizational and time management abilities, as well as attention to detail

Academic Achievements

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